5 Reasons you should consider
Neurotransmitter Testing
Once you have the personalized, integrated information from a lab results, you can better address underlying imbalances. The result is increased care effectiveness and decreased care expenses.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that facilitate communication between neurons, which in turn affects every cell, tissue and system in the body.
While you can give you a long list of symptoms, you can't tell the underlying imbalances causing those symptoms. Neurotransmitter testing can tell you what you cannot.
You can't tell you what's wrong.

Many symptoms, such as fatigue, sudden weight gain, anxiousness and sleep difficulties can have strikingly different underlying causes. While one sleep-deprived person may have low serotonin, another may have high glutamate. Neurotransmitter testing measures key biomarkers for each individual.
Testing biomarkers helps you customize patient care.

Today’s complex and recurring conditions often require an approach that views nervous, endocrine and immune functions as an integrated system. Neurotransmitter testing helps clinicians uncover adrenal and immune issues that affect proper neural balance.
Complex health conditions require an integrated approach.
Neurotransmitters govern communication throughout the body.
Everyone is unique, symptoms are not.
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