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Comments made by Spinal Aid Doctors about Dr. Knight:
Dr. Knight gave us excellent tools to use to communicate "excellence in all aspects of care " He gave us permission to relax and meet our patient's hearts before addressing their needs, Dr, Knight accomplished this amazingly... Dr. Knight aimed for the heart, that's where it all starts; he hit a bull's-eye…. Dr. Knight gave me a new view of my worth and potential, Dr. Knight helped us to understand that if we believe in our own self-worth, others will too…. Dr. Knight gave me permission to give myself permission to forgive myself for the past failures and set goals with a higher self-worth, Dr. Knight made me realize that I need not worry about the competition but to let them worry about me…. Passion and enthusiasm are irrefutable, undeniable and irresistible. Dr. Knight challenged me to believe in myself, my ability and my calling as a doctor. Dr. Knight hit the mark perfectly and encouraged us to "raise the bar" with confidence…. Can't wait for more. Never too much of this kind of encouragement…. Dr. Knight brought the missing piece to our success; both professionally and personally.
Spinal Aid Spinal Decompression Franchise 4/26/2008
Dr. Knight is an excellent, empathetic and solution focused therapist. He has provided me with life skills, strategies and support through anxiety and depression. He has compassion and connected to my personal struggles. He has brought spirituality, love and a sense of peace to me, my marriage and my career. He is the real deal.
Lorraine K. Seminole, FL. 8/6/2010
Dr. Knight, you have been an inspiration and encouragement to me during our sessions. Thank you for helping my family during a critical time in the marriage and working on behavior issues with my husband. You have even helped me to start growing deeper in my spirituality as a result. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and understanding to make a difference in keeping our marriage together. I am very grateful.
D.S. Safety Harbor, FL August 2012
Thank you Dr. Knight for the difference you have made in my life. I appreciate your knowledge, experience, compassion and encouragement that you share each week. You are an outstanding Doctor and I am honored to recommend you to my family and friends!
Deena S. Clearwater, FL June 8, 2013
Dear Dr Knight,
I wanted to personally thank you for the care you have shown me and my family when we needed it most. It is not always easy to seek out family counseling, marriage counseling, or personal counseling. My experience with you Dr Knight has lifted me up out of the darkest place to a healing place. The personal counseling and care you have provided me with have helped me move forward. You were able to help me see myself and understand the needs I have for a better future. You encouraged me to have a sense of purpose and value that somehow was stripped from me. The family counseling has lifted us all up! I don t think there was one time that I did not feel cared for in your presence. You have a gift of understanding while at the same time helping me understand the changes I need to make. You helped me to look at my pain at the same time allowing me to see hope. I cannot express in words how much better my life is and the change in my outlook that I have thanks to your care. You’ve have helped me and my family through one of the worst times in my life. I am proud to recommend your skills to any other person with such a need.
My Sincerest Thanks,
Linda F. November 2013

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