My fiance and I were having some problems, and we decided to get some help. She was hesitant to go to counseling due to past experiences with unqualified therapists. When we walked into Dr. Knights office our relationship was in shambles, and was on the verge of a break up.
Dr. Knight addressed the underlying issues that were plaguing our relationship, and guided us on how to make corrections. This man has worked miracles for us. We both came from broken homes and learned behaviors that negatively affected our relationship. Since our counseling with Dr. Knight, we have corrected these learned behaviors. The man is truly brilliant in his profession, and has a caring heart to anyone that deserves it. He can and will help anyone that is serious. FYI dont act fake with him because he will see right through it. This man is good at what he does and has been a true blessing in my life.
Mike Bosted 8/2016
...addressed underlying issues
Rewind to about a year ago and you would see a shell of the man in front of this monitor. Life itself was just a series of uneventful motions for me. My day to day would amount to two words: ubiquitous meaninglessness, I was akin to zombie out of a popular T.V. series. Meeting Dr. Knight changed all of that for me. I was at first very hesitant, with a looming, stereotypical fear that seeking help would just amount to filling a prescription. To my surprise Dr. Knight was the very antithesis of my generalized perception. Dr. Knight not only helped me identify my problems, but gave me great insight as to how my case manifested to its severe state. Dr. Knight also saved me from the misconceptions I had in regards to my own self. Thanks to these factors, and the help of natural nutraceuticals I am starting a whole new chapter in my life. Thank you Dr. Knight for guiding me down the right path, my own path. For anyone who might feel as lost as I was, I encourage you to just talk with Dr. Knight, you will find hope.
-Dennis B. Lutz, FL 12/4/2015
Life changing....

Dr Knight has an exceptional ability to communicate positive advice for family and relationship therapy. If you are honest with him about why you are there to see him, he will give you honest and practical feedback to help cope, communicate, or work on a successful relationship. (Be that with yourself, your family, your loved one etc) We both had many experiences with marriage therapist in the past and though we are not married, wanted to start our new relationship off on the right foot. Dr. Knight helped us do just that. Dr. Knight counseled my boyfriend with regard to his previous marriage and the experience was so good (even though that marriage still ended in divorce) that we both agreed to see Dr. Knight to make sure we never went down that road with our new love. Negative reviews can be the result of someone not liking what they hear. Sometimes the truth hurts but Dr. Knight will tell you just that. If the situation is not one to be repaired he will honestly tell you that. The test that he recommends gives everyone involved a clearer picture of what you are really dealing with. It may not be what you think the problem is! Dr. Knight and Kimberly are an unbeatable pair. They know love is not always roses and romance but can give you the tools to work through the down times and make the good times GREAT! If you invest in YOU, he will too.
Susan Jackson Ozona, FL 6/2014
Dr. Knight is a kind, caring, and knowledgeable care provider. I first walked in and felt a serene calm that idled my anxiety. I knew I would be comfortable there. The office regards privacy as a high priority so I felt able to trust Dr. Knight and his wife. Dr. Knight listened with interest and was able to help me find solutions during our time together. I am grateful to him and his staff.
Frank G. 7/2014
...idled my anxiety
Dr. Knight saved me. I was in an abusive, controlling, narcissistic relationship. He helped me to stand up for myself and get my baby and myself out. Dr. Knight prepared me for what was to come. And sure as the sky is blue this empty shell of a man tormented and terrorized me and my entire family. This narcissist even attempted to intimidate and bully Dr. Knight after he found out that he had given me the strength and courage I needed to escape his abuse. If anyone has ever been a victim of a narcissist they know that once exposed for what they are they attack the exposer in every and any conceivable way in order to protect the false image they have created for the world to see. After Dr. Knight WOULD NOT be intimidated he did the next predictable narcissistic move and posted a poor review on their site. He simply looked at other reviews and repeated any of the few negative comments so that it would be believable. Up until the point I left he said Dr Knight was one of the best therapists he had been to. Thank you Dr. Knight for saving us.
Mary C. 8/2014
saved me...
Dr. Knight was a pleasure to work with. The office is slightly hidden, quiet and unassuming, but very relaxing and peaceful once inside. After our first visit, my wife and I had already begun improving our communication. He recognized the improvement as well and recommended we space out our future visits, after just a few visits he said any other visits would be up to us. I really liked how we didn't feel pressured to keep visiting. My wife and I now communicate better and are as happy as ever, and just celebrated our 9th anniversary. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Knight even if you do not have marital issues and are just looking to keep your relationship healthy. Scott Allen 7/2015
... as happy as ever
I recently read a negative review of Dr. Knight and have a different opinion. I will agree that Dr. Knight is not a typical counselor. He will not sit there and just "listen" while jotting down notes and adding a few head nods. He engages. I feel he does an excellent job of both listening and responding, with positive feedback. In fact, he has an incredible ability to look at any problem/situation and finding the silver lining. You can tell he is very sincere and a cheerleader for positive behaviors and changes in your life. I not only enjoy talking to him, but look forward to seeing him.
Michael R. 9/2014
Dr. Knight is fantastic. My husband Tim and I spent many hours in his office before we were married. I highly recommend premarital counseling with him. Dr. Knight taught us how to communicate effectively. My husband and I will be married 5 years this September and I can tell you that the tools he gave us have proven to be invaluable. We have not “fought” since July of 2009. We have our differences, but we talk them out. We cannot put a price on what Dr. Knight has done for us.
Tami (Career Military USN) 6/18/14

Dr. John Knight PhD, LMHC 200 Emerald Bay Dr. Suite 300 Oldsmar, FL 34677 E-mail: Phone:727-483-9599
Dr Knight is an excellent choice of Mental Health provider!! He addresses the emotional and the physical aspect of your illness or disorder. He also is excellent at bringing insight to the spiritual aspect of your condition. My husband and I highly recommend Dr Knight.... He has been a great help to us in the short time we have been seeing him!
-The Rusch's in NPR, FL 9/18 excellent choice of Mental Health providers!!
Dr. Knight was instrumental in helping us build a strong foundation for our marriage. We desperately needed to change the way we communicated and he gave us tangible tools to do that. We credit Dr. Knight with our ability to work through any problem without fighting.
-Tamara | 12/01/2017
...ability to work through any problem without fighting.
Dr John Knight is absolutely wonderful! We are thankful for his guidance and believe he is divinely guided to help people. We believe he was the answer to our prayers in helping my fiancé and I realize our potential to become the best we can be. Thank you Dr Knight!
-William A 1/18
... thankful for his guidance
One of the things I noticed during our first appointment with Dr. Knight is his ability to read people. There was a lot that he was able see and bring out in conversation. He has a balance of carefully approaching conversations while being candid with his analysis. Our marriage continues to grow and strengthen each day. We greatly appreciate his honest and positive advice.
-Kristin 2/18
...honest and positive advice
Doctor Knight was a huge part of the mending of our relationship. He just knew what we needed and understood completely where we were both coming from. He recognized early on where the problems were stemming from and helped paint a clear picture of what needed to be done. Besides all that he’s just a super kind and smart man. Thanks Doctor Knight!
-Aiya 9/18
...painted a clear picture of what needed to be done