We enter intimate relationships hopeful and full of optimism. We idealize our partner and truly believe that we found that special person who will be our best friend, our unselfish lover, our safe and supportive partner. This person will never ever hurt us but always put our best interest first. The affair shocks us into reality. It inflicts a deep wounding on the sanctity of our relationship.

     Once trust is broken, can we ever get it back? How can we overcome this broken trust? How can we look at them the same ever again?

     Some of you might feel that a divorce is your only choice. Is it possible that this choice is an escape; maybe from growing up, from facing some difficult truth, or from assuming some of the responsibility? Is it easier to blame and run and be the victim?

     This therapy is for couples who are deeply wounded from an affair but are courageous enough to admit that they still want to stay together and confront how they each have contributed to the infidelity and build new trust and intimacy.

     This therapeutic encounter will help guide you through the process of healing and forgiveness. You will learn new skills of communication and the ability to recognize unproductive relational patterns; such as distancing and avoidance. Couples are empowered to working through the pain and anger together resulting in a relationship based on truth, safety and passion.

     Couples attend weekly sessions in addition to individual sessions focused on resolving old patterns and learn new skills.
Healing From Affairs
Dr. John Knight PhD
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