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Amazing Results!...
Amazing Results! I was skeptical about first visit to Dr. Knight, but my life had gotten so far out of my control that that anything was worth a shot. My anger management issues had caused my wife to leave me and it was impacting my role as President at the company where I work. It took only two months for Dr. Knight to help me get my life back. I have reunited with my wife and our relationship has never been better. At work, I am more effective than I have ever been. Dr. Knight has the experience to help with these very complex issues and is able to treat both the physical and emotional aspects of the problem. From my very first visit, Dr. Knight focused on the heart of the matter – this is not a “why do you resent your parents” approach. Dr. Knight explained the process that we would go through, including getting my wife involved. He predicted with uncanny accuracy exactly what would happen at each stage of discovery and healing. There were weeks during this process that I was able to get through only because of my visits with the doctor, his encouragement and treatment. I have never made a recommendation for a doctor, service provider or even a restaurant, but I would unconditionally recommend Dr. Knight to anyone that struggles with relationship, emotional or depression issues. There is no way to describe the positive impact that he has had in my life. 100 Stars!
Brad B. Clearwater, FL October 20, 2013
THANK YOU Dr. Knight for the difference you have made in my family’s life. There is not a more caring and trusting human being in the profession. I say this after years of experience with other Therapists. Your course of action to build trust, comfort, edify, and encourage us has resulted in our family making positive changes toward love, respect, and intimacy. I am so grateful and blessed to know you. I am proud to recommend Coastal Care Counseling to my family and friends. Thank you!
Tom S.
My personal experience with Dr. Knight is that he has a passion for helping others. He has experience in working with mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and also is very educated in alternative therapies in dealing with any issue. He is solution based and well worth the investment! He has helped me understand so much about my life and I am grateful that I found such a skilled and educated professional.
Angel 2/7/14
What a gift Dr Knight has been to me and my family. He is a very caring Therapist who brings understanding and wisdom. d-marie 03/24/2014
Dr. John Knight is an excellent Therapist. He is very compassionate and solution focused. He continues to further his education in the industry and he cares deeply about helping others reach their goals. You will be very pleased with results. Dr. John Knight deserves ten stars versus five.
A.L. 5/2014
...ten stars
        versus five.
I recently read a negative review of Dr. Knight and have a different opinion. I will agree that Dr. Knight is not a typical counselor. He will not sit there and just "listen" while jotting down notes and adding a few head nods. He engages. I feel he does an excellent job of both listening and responding, with positive feedback. In fact, he has an incredible ability to look at any problem/situation and finding the silver lining. You can tell he is very sincere and a cheerleader for positive behaviors and changes in your life. I not only enjoy talking to him, but look forward to seeing him.
Michael R. 9/2014
Dr. Knight is fantastic. My husband Tim and I spent many hours in his office before we were married. I highly recommend premarital counseling with him. Dr. Knight taught us how to communicate effectively. My husband and I will be married 5 years this September and I can tell you that the tools he gave us have proven to be invaluable. We have not “fought” since July of 2009. We have our differences, but we talk them out. We cannot put a price on what Dr. Knight has done for us.
Tami (Career Military USN) 6/18/14

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