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Rewind to about a year ago and you would see a shell of the man in front of this monitor. Life itself was just a series of uneventful motions for me. My day to day would amount to two words: ubiquitous meaninglessness, I was akin to zombie out of a popular T.V. series. Meeting Dr. Knight changed all of that for me. I was at first very hesitant, with a looming, stereotypical fear that seeking help would just amount to filling a prescription. To my surprise Dr. Knight was the very antithesis of my generalized perception. Dr. Knight not only helped me identify my problems, but gave me great insight as to how my case manifested to its severe state. Dr. Knight also saved me from the misconceptions I had in regards to my own self. Thanks to these factors, and the help of natural nutraceuticals I am starting a whole new chapter in my life. Thank you Dr. Knight for guiding me down the right path, my own path. For anyone who might feel as lost as I was, I encourage you to just talk with Dr. Knight, you will find hope.
-Dennis B. Lutz, FL 12/4/2015
Life changing....
My fiance and I were having some problems, and we decided to get some help. She was hesitant to go to counseling due to past experiences with unqualified therapists. When we walked into Dr. Knights office our relationship was in shambles, and was on the verge of a break up.
Dr. Knight addressed the underlying issues that were plaguing our relationship, and guided us on how to make corrections. This man has worked miracles for us. We both came from broken homes and learned behaviors that negatively affected our relationship. Since our counseling with Dr. Knight, we have corrected these learned behaviors. The man is truly brilliant in his profession, and has a caring heart to anyone that deserves it. He can and will help anyone that is serious. FYI dont act fake with him because he will see right through it. This man is good at what he does and has been a true blessing in my life.
Mike Bogsted 8/2016
...addressed underlying issues
Have you ever really seen your true reflection? In one session, Dr. Knight read us as if we were the last page of an enticing book. His words transformed into a mirror that finally revealed a true reflection of the people we were and who we could be. Dr. Knight has the ability to connect at a deeply personal level and offer a new viewpoint without offending. Similar to an ophthalmologist visit, Dr. Knight will leave you with a sharper perspective. Our love is stronger, our lives are more meaningful, our touch is fillled with passion, and the roots of our relationship are growing deeper. Don't fall under the false assumption that you are someone that doesn't need therapy. Mastering one's thoughts is a complex art taught beautifully and practically by Dr. Knight.
-Michael and Carrie Safety Harbor, FL 2/17
...our relationship has grown deeper
Hello Dr. Knight,
 I want to thank you again for all that you have done for me. Please use my story below as a testimonial in any way you see fit.

   Dr. Knight helped me at a time when my anxiety was so high that I was functioning at a very low level. The first thing he did was get me to take a proprietary blend suppliment that contained Melatonin to help me sleep at night. This stuff helped me sleep a lot better. Iíve taken Melatonin for years when I traveled to Japan to help me adjust to the big time zone change, but Melatonin alone did not help me at all compared to a product he recommended.
    The reason I wasnít sleeping well was because the chemicals in my brain were way out of balance because of all of the bad thinking I was having and the anxiety it caused. It took a test to see what I need to take to rebalance my chemistry and started taking the recommended pills.
    At the same time, Dr. Knight got me to see what was behind my thoughts of anxiety. When I stopped thinking the things that were causing my anxiety, the bad feelings went away.
    Dr. Knight is extremely empathic and often seems to know exactly what Iím thinking, how Iím feeling and what to say to help me see things more clearly. I left every visit feeling much better than when I came in. At first the good feelings didnít last very long, but over time, I began to see the thinking that was causing my anxiety and by not taking that thinking seriously; I was able to eliminate my anxiety.
    I now have little or no anxiety and live a much better life.
    Iím so grateful for what Dr. Knight did for me that I have referred family, friends and fellow workers to him. To be sure they give him a try; I have personally paid for their first visit each and every time.
All my Best,
Ron Madiera Beach, FL 1/17
... Dr. Knight is extremely empathic
Dr. John Knight PhD LMHC: 200 Emerald Bay Dr. Suite 300 Oldsmar, FL 34677 Phone: 727-483-9599 Email: drknight1@live.com Fax: 727-441-9610